Commercial air conditioning is about more than comfort – if you are a property owner, it is about your livelihood. If the HVAC systems at your property aren’t working, then your tenants won’t be happy and might look to move somewhere else. Can you afford to take this chance? Then make sure that your air conditioning, heating and air cleaning systems are in top shape by turning to the experts at Air Control System Co. We can help make sure that your commercial buildings are temperature-controlled and that the people who spend their time in them don’t have to think about the temperature or quality of the air.

Whether you are an apartment complex owner who wants to install makeup air units to attract new tenants or the owner of a commercial building that needs improved air filtration, we can help. We will evaluate your current HVAC system and work with you to determine the best solution for your needs. We’ll recommend the right exhaust fan systems to bring you in compliance with safety regulations, along with reviewing the different central air conditioning and heating options available for commercial buildings.

Along with installing new systems, Air Control System Co. can also help to repair air purification systems, AC units and other HVAC systems that have experienced problems. Whether it’s a minor repair to replace refrigerants or fixing major issues such as bad motors and broken belts, we will inspect your commercial air conditioning system to make sure that we fix the problem as quickly as possible. Delays in making repairs can lead to major expenses on your end, so we work hard to take the guesswork out of the equation.

From cooling tower services to routine maintenance, Air Control System Co. is well-equipped to handle all of your commercial air conditioning needs. We’ve worked with companies throughout Southern California to repair major problems with the commercial HVAC units and install new central air conditioning and heating systems in a wide range of properties. Contact us today to find out more about our commercial air conditioning services and how we can help you out.